Web3 Social Media Apps: Overview of the Leading Platforms

5 min readMar 29, 2024

The digital landscape has transformed with the rise of Web3 technology, ushering in decentralized social media experiences. Web3 social media app development is revolutionizing how we connect and communicate online. This article delves into the leading players in this space, highlighting their innovative features and contributions to the future of social media in the Web3 era.

Web3 Social Media Apps: Overview of the Leading Platforms

What is Web3 Social Media App Development

Web3 social media app development leverages blockchain to decentralize data storage and distribution, enhancing security and privacy. Users engage directly in peer-to-peer interactions, removing intermediaries and fostering trust and transparency. Decentralization empowers users and enables new forms of social interaction and collaboration. In recent years, a growing number of Web3 social media platforms have emerged, each offering its unique take on decentralized social interaction. Now, let’s explore the market overview of key players in Web3 social media app development and the features that set their platforms apart.


As one of pioneers in the realm of Web3 social media app development, Steemit revolutionizes traditional social media paradigms by integrating blockchain technology and tokenized rewards. Steemit was founded in 2016 by Ned Scott and Daniel Larimer. It rewards users for uploading articles, images, and comments with its own cryptocurrency. Users can also earn by sourcing and upvoting popular content.

Three-Currency System

Steemit operates on a three-currency system: STEEM, STEEM POWER (SP), and STEEM Dollar (SBD). STEEM is the tradable native cryptocurrency, SP represents vested Steem for platform influence, and SBD is a stable-value currency for transactions within the ecosystem.

Rewards Types

Steemit offers Author Rewards for published content upvotes and Curation Rewards for valuable content upvotes. These rewards are primarily paid in STEEM POWER (SP) and STEEM Dollar (SBD), incentivizing user participation.

Crowdsourcing and Fundraising

Steemit facilitates crowdfunding directly within its community, enabling creators to pitch projects and receive support through Steem cryptocurrency contributions. This decentralized approach fosters community-driven initiatives and innovations.


Minds is one of the leaders in the web3 social media app development landscape, prioritizing user privacy and data ownership. Minds was founded in 2011 by Bill Ottman and John Ottman as an alternative to social networks like Facebook.

The Jury System

Minds implements a decentralized community moderation system called the Minds Jury System. Users report inappropriate content, which is then reviewed by a randomly selected group of active users. A decision is made if 75% of them vote in favor, ensuring fair and transparent content moderation.

Rewards for Engagement

Minds incentivizes user engagement through its rewards system. Users receive a contribution score based on their activity, determining their share of the daily rewards pool in Minds Tokens. These tokens can be used to support other channels or boost content visibility, fostering active participation and content creation.

Boost Advertising

Users can use Minds Tokens to purchase advertising impressions through Boost, Minds’ advertising platform. This allows guaranteed views of their content or channel within the Minds network, enhancing content promotion and community reach.


Built on blockchain technology, Mirror enables content creators to tokenize their work, allowing users to support their favorite creators through micropayments and subscriptions. The company was founded in October 2020 by Denis Nazarov, a former partner at a16z crypto.

Writing NFTs

Mirror introduces the concept of tradable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent writings on its platform, ensuring verifiable ownership and authenticity of digital content. This groundbreaking approach revolutionizes content ownership and distribution in the decentralized publishing landscape of Web3 social media app development.


Mirror’s splits feature simplifies collaboration by enabling seamless distribution of funds to multiple Ethereum addresses based on predetermined percentages. By automating earnings division, this feature promotes transparency and accuracy in collaboration efforts. It also extends acknowledgment to include entities like DAOs and NFTs, fostering a dynamic economic graph in Web3.

Lens Protocol

In 2022, Stani Kulechov, the founder of Aave, established Lens Protocol. The project aims to redefine social media interactions within the context of decentralized technology. Lens Protocol emerges as an innovative player in the realm of Web3 social media app development, leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize influencer marketing and content monetization.


Lens Protocol introduces ERC-721 tokens known as Open Namespaces (Handle), allowing separate minting and flexible linkage to user profiles for enhanced identity management.

Lazy Onboarding

Users can mint Profiles and Handles independently using credits, facilitating seamless authentication by minting Handles upon user request.

Open Actions

Lens Protocol enables seamless integration of external smart contract actions within the platform, empowering developers to create dynamic social experiences.

Data Portability

Lens Protocol prioritizes data portability, ensuring fluid access to Lens-powered applications across platforms for enhanced user convenience.

Collective Value Sharing

Lens Protocol promotes collective value sharing, benefiting all participants in the social graph through revenue and rewards for synergistic actions.


Friend.tech has swiftly gained popularity in the realm of Web3 social media app development due to its unique approach to social networking. Within 24 hours of launching the testing version, Friend.tech attracted 7,860 users and generated a trading volume of 4,400 Ethereum (equivalent to 8.1 million dollars), with over 126,000 trades.

Token-Gated Chats

Friend.tech offers token-gated chats, granting access to exclusive conversations through purchasable ‘keys.’ Platform and creator fees ensure sustainability and incentivize content creators.

Closed Entry

Friend.tech requires unique invite codes for app access, fostering exclusivity, privacy, and community trust. Controlled growth ensures a curated user base for a secure social networking experience.

Share-Related Transactions Fee

Friend.tech applies a 10% fee on share-related transactions, splitting proceeds between sellers and the platform treasury. This structure encourages engagement, content sharing, and platform development.


Post.tech emerges as a compelling alternative to Friend.tech. Post.tech’s integration of social influence monetization, cryptocurrency insights, and decentralized governance sets it apart in the Web3 social media app development landscape.

Profile & Post Tokenization

Post.tech introduces profile and post tokenization, allowing users to monetize their social influence by converting profiles and posts into tradable assets. This incentivizes content creation and rewards valuable contributions.

DAO Governance

Post.tech operates under the governance of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ensuring democratic and transparent decision-making. Users actively shape the platform’s direction, fostering a community-driven approach to governance and strengthening trust within the ecosystem.

Upcoming Features

Post.tech continuously enhances its platform with upcoming features like NFT trading, DeFi services, and a social trading network. These additions expand functionality, offering users new opportunities for engagement, monetization, and financial growth.

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Web3 social media app development represents a fundamental shift in how we perceive and interact with social media. By leveraging blockchain technology and decentralization, Web3 social media apps offer a more secure, transparent, and user-centric alternative to traditional social media platforms. By recognizing the innovative approaches and successes of popular platforms, entrepreneurs and developers are inspired to embark on their own ventures in this dynamic space.

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