Rock’n’Block notes: Multi-chain, cross-chain, or cross-platform blockchain project?

⛓ When it comes to the development of blockchain projects like AMM DEX, we know that thing like DEX is not achievable without it having connections with multiple blockchains. In order to SWAP or trade assets on DEXs, they should have an implementation of a multi-chain or support cross-chain.

🌐 So, the multi-chain blockchain project means that it is must be deployed on at least more than one blockchain like Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Tron, etc. The multi-chain deployment can derive a blockchain project to a separate blockchain independently.

🌐 Whereas, cross-chain is the type of blockchain integration that is meant to allow users to transfer or swap their digital assets from one blockchain network or platform to a different one. It is also called a blockchain bridge.

The main benefit of a multi-chain implementation on a blockchain project deployed is to attract as many users as possible. Many projects deploy without multi-chain, however aiming to implement It, therefore those projects become more fortunate for users and investors.

Therefore, as we already see that one of the urgent demands in the crypto world is the development of blockchain bridges, multi-chain implementation, and cross-chain integrations.

Hence, we’ve got plenty of projects in progress that are specifically dedicated to that.

Rock’n’Block blockchain software developers are explaining the differences between Multi-chain, cross-chain, cross-platform blockchain solutions and blockchains, and what it has to do with DEX decentralized crypto exchanges

⚡⚡⚡ By the way, we want to support our friends from ALGEBRA that is going to be one of the most promising AMM DEX, the total reinvention, and improvement of the Uniswap V3 protocol. We are glad to congratulate the ALGEBRA token (ALGB) listing on and SushiSwap!

Rock’n’Block blockchain software developers are congratulating ALGEBRA most innovative crypto DEX with listing ALGEBRA token ALGB on Rubic crypto exchange and SushiSwap
ALGEBRA token (ALGB) listing on and SushiSwap!



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Article author: Mariia Zavtur



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