Rock’n’Block news: we are developing the project and it gets coverage on a Blockchain life 2021

2 min readNov 25, 2021


Blockchain Life 2021 is an annual offline event that counts more than hundreds of speakers that represent the most influential and successful blockchain and crypto projects. That counts Binance, OKEX, KuCoin, Litecoin, CoinMarketCap, Dash, NEO blockchain, TRON, Kraken and the list goes on.

The CEO of the Limcore project was giving a valuable speech for the project at Blockchain life 2021. Things kile that is indeed important for development even at the earliest stage.

Rock’n’Block blockchain developers were mentioned in that speech and interview as valuable contributors on the side of token development, pre-sale development, and the development of the full-stack features of the platform.

We are grateful for such cooperation!

Rock’n’Block blockchain developers are mentioned on Blockchain Life 2021 annual event dedicated to crypto and blockchain projects

Rock’n’Block’s team can help crypto enthusiast and enterprises with:

⚡️NFT and NFT Marketplaces development ;

⚡️Crowdsale platform;

⚡️Staking platforms;

⚡️Vesting platforms;

⚡️Farming platforms;

⚡️Any other custom request from a crypto wallet development to custom blockchain development.

If you are looking for a development similar project like this surely you can count on Rock’n’Block!

If you’re aiming to scale, estimate your blockchain project, feel free to contact our team via website or Telegram channel.



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Article author: Mariia Zavtur