Rock’n’Block at Future Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai. Our thoughts

As you may know, this year our team was granted to attend one of the biggest blockchain summits in the industry.

Well, the Future Blockchain Summit is the first worldwide festival that is dedicated to promoting futuristic and innovative ideas in the fields of finances, cryptocurrencies, IT, fintech, and many other related fields. Especially in the blockchain. Future Blockchain Summit counts about 10,000 attendees from 132 countries every year.

We had a few aims for this event to achieve. But the most important thing was to meet all our partners in person and spread the word about what are we doing.
For the blockchain industry, it is important to show up on multiple scenes, especially if you are doing something innovative as blockchain-based software development.
The event took place from the 17th of October to the 20th of October. Mostly, Future Blockchain Summit takes place every year.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t participate last year due to the coronavirus outbreak. So, we were glad and honored to participate this time, in 2021.

Our experience

Without any doubt, participation in such events like this is a huge milestone for every entrepreneur or company. So, and it is for us. We as blockchain developers have knowledge and expertise to share with other people, crypto enthusiasts, and those who are especially interested in blockchain development as a whole.

Our teammates in face of Alexander Tkachev the Chief Business Development Officer, Roman Mihailov the Project Manager, and Lina Masalova the General Manager had arrived on 17th October and were amused by the number of prominent speakers from the crypto and blockchain industry.

We managed to attend the speech of the Founder&CEO of the Binance exchange Changpeng Zhao, Head of Communication from Bibyt Igneus Terrenus, and more great professionals, speakers, and leaders from the blockchain industry and fintech.

Before we went to the Future Blockchain Summit we’ve managed to bring something interesting.

We believe that the main buzzword of the year was NFT.

Everyone is still very fascinated by the idea of NFT and NFT Marketplaces, especially because many investors see the opportunity in investing in these projects.

In addition, one of our main focuses at the moment is the full-stack development of NFT Marketplace (a whole roadmap, including smart contracts, token minting, wireframes, backend, and frontend).

Our NFT collectible

We shared our special NFT collectible item with all our visitors at the Future Blockchain Summit. The main purpose of this item is to give an idea about all the unfolded potential about blockchain development future that we are going to face for sure!

In addition, anyone who is holding our NFT collectible item has the opportunity to adopt blockchain solutions with the concession! You can use it one time no matter the difficulty of your blockchain project idea.

Sounds cool, huh?
Now we’ve got at least two owners of our NFT collectible item, and we are glad to spread the innovative idea of NFT, support it and promote it.

Who visited us?

The events like this are always about meetings face to face. And we were focused on meetings with our potential partners and clients as much as possible.
However, it still was difficult for many of you to attend this event due to the COVID-19. We hope that the next time we would be able to meet even more blockchain entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

We passionately appreciate all our current partners who managed to visit us this week.

A lot of thanks to Ronny Tome, the CEO, and Founder of Ducatus Global, Nikita Gribkov the Vice President at CryptoUniverse, Andrew Prell the CEO at Convergence creating the Silica neXus Platform, and Dr. Samsondeen Arogundade from CRAT who visited us and supported our work.

(from the left to the right) Andrew Prell the CEO of Silica neXus Platform, Alexandr Tkachev the Chief Business Development Officer at Rock’n’Block, Lina Masalova the General Manager at Rock’n’Block and

We hope that everyone and anyone who wants to visit us next time at an event like this will be able to do it. No worries, if you couldn’t attend the event this time, we are always keen on searching for new events and opportunities to attend in a live format.

Roman Mihailov the Project Manager at Rock’n’Block at the meeting with our partners at Future Blockchain Summit

What are we up to right now?

These events are meant to bring new connections together. And we would like to thank the organizers of the Future Blockchain Summit for this opportunity. At the current moment, we would like to continue working with everybody who submitted their requests at our corner in Zabeel Hall! Honestly, there are so many great and promising projects that we can’t wait to develop.

So, we’ve got the top 6 popular requests for blockchain development that investors and crypto enthusiasts had as the number one request:

  1. NFT marketplace
  2. Token creation
  3. NFT 10K
  4. Custom Blockchain and blockchain soft&hard forks
  5. Staking and vesting platforms
  6. Investment platform (assets tokenization)

If you’re curious about what are those things mean, we would like to recommend you check our new pages on the website about them!


Our Rock’n’Block team would like to thank the organizers of the Future Blockchain Summit greatly one more time, and all our partners and investors! We sincerely believe in the outstanding potential of every blockchain project that we are currently developing. Of course, including those projects that we brought from the Future Blockchain Summit this year.

Your ideas and our experience in software development, blockchain implementation, and development are the main key to success.

We are kindly encouraging you to get in touch with us!

(from the left to the right) Ronny Tome the CEO&Founder of Ducatus Global, Lina Masalova the General Manager at Rock’n’Block and, Alexander Tkachev the Chief Business Development Officer at Rock’n’Block, Roman Mikhailov the Project Manager at Rock’n’Block


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Article author: Mariia Zavtur



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