How to create a token like a “safemoon”

4 min readAug 13, 2021


Custom Deflationary tokens like SafeMoon have taken over the market.
Why is there attention to such projects and how can you run it with the help of Rock’n’Block?

What’s the point

SafeMoon and others like it is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. It has three characteristics: it burns, it accumulates, and it is 100% community-driven.

SafeMoon (SFM) debuted in March 2021 and quickly gained popularity. Its focus on reducing volatility attracted attention — SafeMoon prevents the participation of coins in speculative trading, while long-term holders, on the contrary, receive additional rewards.

SFM is designed as a token of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. SafeMoon originally emerged as an internet meme similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Instead of continuous token burning, manual token burning is preferred. This gives more control over the supply of coins and allows for a more efficient upward direction of the coin rate.

Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of the token, the Rock’n’Block team receives frequent requests to create a custom similar token and add better refinements to it.

How does this technology work?

The burn-on-transaction function is built directly into the smart token contract. The contract charges a commission on each transaction on the chain and then sends it to the burn-on-transaction address. In this way, the negotiable supply of tokens decreases with each transfer. This approach to tokenomics depends on the volume of trades: the higher the volume, the more tokens will be excluded from the circulation supply.

Along with burn-per-transaction, other distribution functions can be added to the contract. Transaction fees can include automatic LP replenishment and distribution to holders. Thus, with each transaction on the chain, a certain amount of funds will be transferred to LPs and/or holders. In this way, holders receive an incentive to hold, as well as an incentive to maintain a high trading volume.

Deflationary token functions

The Rock’n’Block team develops a contract, flexible to be customized for any deflation tokemonics model. The contract flexibility implies any desired combination of the following functions:

1. Token Burn

Burning cannot be finite and controllable; on the other hand, supply reduction is beneficial only in the early stages. That’s why TOKEN controls the burn, announcing the terms and number of tokens to be destroyed. This strategy is aimed at those holders who aim at the project in the long term

2. Distribution to holders

The solution to the price collapse is static rewards, their size depending on the volume of tokens traded. This mechanism aims to alleviate the selling pressure caused by first holders selling their assets in the market after insanely high percentage farming yields. Second, the reflection mechanism encourages holders to hold on to their tokens in order to get higher returns, which are percentage-based and dependent on the total number of tokens in the holder’s hands.

3. Liquidity Pool transfers (Uniswap V3; PancakeSwap)

An automated liquidity pool (LP) is created to prevent a price collapse when whales decide to sell their tokens. Technically, this is ensured by the following scheme: a smart contract charges tokens from both sellers and buyers and then adds them to the common pool, thus forming a price threshold. In theory, the added LP creates stability from the delivered LP by adding tax to the total liquidity of the token, thus increasing the total LP of tokens and maintaining the price threshold.

4. Minting function

Such a deflationary token contract allows users to choose any combination of the four mentioned above functions including and excluding the desired ones to fit the tokenomics structure.

In addition, the developers of Rock’n’Block can add to your custom token the following improvements:

  • gas optimization
  • automatic LP Uniswap v3
  • customization of contract parameters for specific tokenomics
  • combining the functionality of the deflation token and the token with Automatic LP

As for Automatic LP
An automatic LP option can be added to a deflationary token contract. In this case, each transaction contributes to the automatic generation of liquidity, which goes to the pool used by the exchange. The user can set the amount of funds to be transferred to the LP from each transaction. For Ethereum-based contracts, the Uniswap V3 liquidity pool can be replenished with each transaction.

Our expertise

To date, we have developed about 25 such unique deflation tokens using the safemoon protocol, which makes us highly skilled in this field. We continue to improve the implementation of customizable parameters and bring developments to the point of excellence.

Built projects examples: Mom, Black cat, Covid, Heart Beat, and other coins under NDA.

We take on work of any complexity of token in any blockchain not only on Binance Smart Chain, on Ethereum and Tron too. The full realization of a safe moon type-token takes up to 2 weeks, including timeframes to agree on all terms and designs of the project.

We are currently upgrading the safemoon protocol, which means that our clients are getting a better deflationary token with refined contract formulas to calculate rewards.

Such tokens help solve global and significant problems in the decentralized finance market, but you also need to consider the risks concerning decentralized finance projects.

Order your Custom Deflationary token development today, leave a request with the Rock’n’Block team!


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